We Are the Best at What We Do!

We’re the best commercial cleaners in Omaha NE. We will not compromise your standards for our convenience. We care about what we do and how it affects you. Our teams of experts know how to clean every type of surface, particularly marble floors and granite countertops, which require special attention. 

As an independently owned, we’re available seven days a week, no matter what time you need us or how big your commercial property may be. We are prompt, courteous, and professional. We will come to your business during operating hours or at night if that’s what you need!

Protection and Disinfection

We protect your commercial space by preparing surfaces and materials so that you can avoid illness, disease, or damage to the business.


We help remove hoarder conditions from businesses and homes of people who cannot do it themselves for any number of reasons including age or physical disabilities.


We get rid of unpleasant odors caused by cooking like grease, cigarette smoke (including heavy smokers), pet smells urine) among others using ozone machines and deodorizers to remove the source of the odors.

Areas We Serve

If you need cleaning services in Nebraska, then our company is here for you. Our aim is to provide the best possible service, no matter what your specific needs are. We serve throughout Omaha, Ne and surrounding areas, including: